My DDR T-Shirt


My DDR T-Shirt is a documentary film by Ian Hawkins. It was inspired by a trip to Berlin in 2005. When Ian bought a souvenir t-shirt with the old East German communist symbol on it, he realised he needed to learn about life in East Germany (the DDR, the Deutsche Demokratische Republik) before he could wear it.

And so, he returned to Berlin with his camcorder and set about gathering stories from both the East and West. These stories and the people that tell them help Ian on his quest to understand what life was like in East Germany.

Screened at:
Community Channel
Glasgow Document 7 Film Festival
Salford Film Festival
Keswick Film Festival
Albania Film Festival
BFFS, Sheffield
University of Manchester
Durham University
Lancaster University
Bristol University
Birmingham University
Exeter University
Reading University
Bangor University
University College Dublin
National University of Ireland
NUI Galway
University of Limerick
University College Cork
Dublin City University


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